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"Khi's skills as a root doctor and psychic reader are invaluable.
With his guidance, I found the powerful spirit guide who has granted me
success in my work, a sense of peace and security in my home,
and a healthy, fulfilling relationship with a partner I love."
- K.D., New York, NY
If you're looking for freedom from chronic setbacks...
If you need to re-spark your passion for your purpose...
If you're unsure about your path and need real answers...

I specialize in
As a shaman, I excel at:

  • untangling the roots of chronic life difficulties.
  • healing emotional patterns that hold you back.
  • retrieving soul parts lost due to trauma.
  • resolving the energy of disruptive ancestors and other spirits of the dead.
  • clearing ancestral patterns blocking your way.
  • resolving land / house energies & spirits of place.
  • resolving past-life energies.
  • connecting you to your helping spirits in the Ancestral, Animal, Plant, and other kingdoms.
My name is Khi Armand and I'm an
Intuitive Consultant, spirit-initiated Shaman,
and Manifestation Expert whose work:

  • provides clear intuitive insight,
  • clears blocks in life and business,
  • and manifests actual results.
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tools for manifestation, and VIP invitations.
As a root doctor, I specialize in:

  • attracting buyers for homes & real estate.
  • helping businesses manifest greater profits.
  • helping clients win court cases & legal disputes.
  • clearing negative energy & curse removal.
  • spirit exorcism from persons & spaces.
  • protecting persons and spaces from psychic harm and physical danger.
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Deliverance!: Hoodoo Spells of Uncrossing,
Healing, and Protection
by Khi Armand

Do you feel stuck and unlucky? Have you been crossed up or jinxed? Experiencing chronic difficulty in life? It's time to be delivered! Using tools and techniques from the Southern Conjure tradition, this practical, down-to-earth guide teaches you how to use uncrossing spells to take off rootwork, clean up old messes, heal emotional wounds, and protect yourself and your family. Learn how to remediate magical curses and self-sabotaging patterns of life as you harness your dreams to achieve spiritual healing and open your roads to success!
I travel the spirit-world with the aid of my drum to understand and resolve the root cause of your concerns in life, luck, business, and health.
I create strategic rituals with plants, bones, minerals, and powerful spirit allies to make your goals manifest.
Rootworking Altar